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What is Adobe Indesign Scripts?

InDesign scripts are some coded text files saved to our system. To appear a script in the Scripts panel of InDesign’s user interface, it need to have a specific file extension (if it doesn’t have one already). After that, these scripts have to be saved in a specific location. Which file extension it has depends on the type of script file . AppleScripts typically have the extension “.applescript”, VBScripts use “.vbs”, and JavaScripts use the extension “.jsx”. Note that JavaScripts can also use the file extension “.js”, but that can cause confusion with other JavaScript “flavors” on your system (notably Microsoft’s JScript, on Windows systems).

How to install a Indesign Script?

If you have an Indesign Script and looking for a tip “How to install a Script in Indesign” then follow the step by step guide given below:

  • Download or keep ready Adobe Indesign Script.
  • Open Script Panel… if you have not opened it already 🙂
  • Select the User folder icon in the panel.
  • Choose Reveal in Finder (on the Mac OS) or Reveal in Explorer (in Windows) to open the Scripts Panel folder.
  • Now, in windows explorer, paste the scripts you have or downloaded.
  • The script should now display in Scripts Panel in Indesign.

On the link given below you can find a list of all Indesign Scripts:

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