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    How to install a Macro in CorelDraw?

    • Download macro and extract the contents.
    • Copy the macro file with *.gms extension.
    • Now from windows explorer go to windows install drive like in my case it is drive C:\program files\corel
    • Here you can find all corel version you have.. as shown below
    How to Install a CorelDraw Macro
    • Select required CorelDraw folder in which you want to install macro. For ex I open CorelDraw 2019 folder as : C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019\Draw\GMS
    CorelDraw GMS Folder
    • Paste Macro in this folder. You can repeat this process to install Macro in other CorelDraw Versions.

    How to Run this Macro and Temporarily Install..

    • Run CorelDraw in my case I am using 2019 version…
    • Go to Tools > Scripts > Scripts or alternatively use Alt+Shift+F11 to open Scripts Panel.
    Scripts Manger in CorelDraw 2019
    • In scripts manger now look for the macro you have installed… here you may need to expand some menus to get desired result.
    Scripts Manager Panel
    • If your are using version x5, x6, x7 you can get to Macro Manger from Tools > Macro > Macro Manger
    Macro Manager Panel in CorelDraw x6
    • From Macro Manager Panel, you can list all installed Macros.

    Temporary Install a Macro:

    • From the Scripts or Macro Manger Panel, there is a button Load at the top side.
    • Click on it, this will show an open dialogue… locate the macro you want to install.
    Macro Manager Load Button
    • Click Open and Macro will be installed. Now you can run it, but next time you restart CoerlDraw… you need to install it again.

    Video instruction- How to install a Macro:



    Very Nce 🙂

    Keep up this effort… thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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