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5+1 PP on Postcard size Sheet Photoshop Action

Supported Versions: All Photoshop Versions

This action is used to create a Passport Size Photo on a postcard size sheet which it 3.5X5 inch.

How to use 5+1 Passport Photo Action in Photoshop

  • Download this Photoshop action from the above given link and add into action panel.
  • If you don’t know how to add an action in Photoshop, read this post.
  • Open photograph which you want to convert in passport size and set in postcard size sheet.
  • From action panel in Photoshop select 5+1 PP on Postcard as shown below and click on play …
  • In next step select area to be cropped by dragging or you can also expand or contract the selection.
  • Click Enter to create passport photo and then automatically set it on 3.5×5 postcard size sheet as shown below.
5+1 Passport size photograph on postcard size paper
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