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Visiting Card Arranger Macro

Supported Versions: X6, X7, X8 ... 2019

This macro arrange a visiting card or any design on full page. Create a new document with any size and paste your design, rest this macro will handle itself.

How to use Visiting Card Arranger Macro
  • Download this macro from the above given link and install.
  • If you don’t know how to install a macro read this post.
  • Open CorelDraw and Create a new document. Choose paper size on which you want to arrange your design.
  • Copy Visiting Card or designwhich you want to arrange and paste it on a new document. Like here I have used a sheet of 12X18 inch and created a rectangle box.
  • With the box selected, in your case it would be the design, (better you group and then select it) run this Card Arranger Macro using Macro Manager Panel as shown below.
  • Run this macro using Macro Manager as shown below.
Visiting Card Arranger
  • Now, click on Arrange on Page and this will arrange cards or design instantly.
  • Or you can set the options as per your needs
    1. Page Margins: Change here to set the desired margins in between page and design.
    2. Arrangement/Page Pattern: Change this settings if you want to manually arrange cards on desired sheet.
    3. Gap Between Designs: These settings creates a gap between designs.
    4. Cropmarks: Need crop marks then don’t change this.. or modify values as per your need.
    5. It centers the arranged design to the page.
    6. It adds bleed to the design.

Watch visual steps how to use this macro

For any suggestion or problem discussion please use this forum section…

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