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Convert all Objects to Curves Macro

Supported Versions: X6, X7, X8 ... 2019

Convert all Objects to Curves Macro: It converts text or shape objects to curves from any layer, page or all pages. It can also convert objects into curve from Powerclips.

How to use Convert All Text and Objects into Curves Macro
  • Download Macro from the above link.
  • Now Install it to CorelDraw. There are two ways to do so. Via CorelDraw inbuilt macro manager or direct pasting to GMS folder. If you don’t know how to install a macro.. visit this link to learn how to install a macro.
  • Now from the macro manager expand AllObjectToCurve to find AllObjToCurve as shown below.
All object to curve
  • Double click to run.
Convert all text to curves... application run
  • Now select whatever option you want i.e. All pages <> Active page <>Active Layer <> Active Selection.
  • If you want to convert all object (Text and shapes) to curve click on All Object into curves or for Text only click on All Text into Curve.

For visual steps watch this video below :

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